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Little Girl, Big Muscles

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I love getting real mail from people.  Feel free to email me just to say Hi or ask any questions.  Thank You so much for taking the time to look at my site.
"The Unexplored Life is not worth living"   -  Plato

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A Special Thanks. . . . .
How could I not thank the people who have made it possible for me to be where I am!
First of all, my freind Jim who got me into this business.  He kept telling me I had something- I had potential, and muscle, so because of him I am getting somewhere! Thanks Jim!
Derrick Hartmann, for the wonderful photographs he's taken.  Thanks to you, I may be able to further my fitness modeling career.  I can't explain how much I appreciate how much you've helped me and inspired me.
Then theres Shannen, aside from bashing me out of pure evil joy, only you.  Laugh at me when I look bad and when I already look bad, make me look worse.  I love you.  She's taken a few pics of me herself, and nice ones at that. 
My newest photographer, Victoria P.  You're the best! Thanks for all your hard work!  You'll all be seeing more work from her!
And I also have to thank my camera for the self timer, because most of the time I can't get a decent photographer to take my picture!!

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